Patient-Provider Communication

Surprising Statistics: Adherence to Asthma Therapies


  • An estimated 50% of medications prescribed for asthma are taken by patients1
  • 82% of patients with asthma fail to refill prescriptions for inhaled corticosteroids2
  • 11% of patients in clinical trials used less than 80% of their medications3
  • Poor adherence is linked with outcomes such as mortality, asthma symptoms, direct and indirect costs and quality of life4
  • Asthma treatment adherence tends to be poor with rates of < 50% in children and 30-70% in adults depending on patient specific factors such as4
    • Age
    • Sex
    • Ethnicity
    • Country
  • Data suggests higher level of adherence is associated with reduced risk of severe asthma exacerbation4
  • Trustworthy, strong patient provider relationship is needed for improvement of adherence rates through which providers must recognize and incorporate patient preferences5


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