The BREATHE Initiative

Breathing is often taken for granted, until one finds herself or himself in the hostile and often frightening position of not being able to breath efficiently. Unfortunately, patients who rely on treatment plans to manage asthma are aware of this unfavorable feeling. Some of these patients remain on the journey of finding an effective therapy to control their asthma, adding another layer of difficulty for healthcare providers.

Uncontrolled, moderate to severe asthma demands continuous investigation to seek out methods and strategies for improving the care of patients in this cohort. The appreciation for specific molecular pathways has shifted the concept of clinical phenotypes towards that of molecular phenotypes, resulting in the integration of molecularly targeted biological agents into treatment.

In the pursuit of enhancing health care provider knowledge on severe asthma, it is vital to have a strong knowledge base of the many characteristics asthma may present with. Understanding inflammatory processes that result in current therapeutic targets is a vital part of clinician understanding of the heterogenicity of moderate-to-severe asthma. This site serves to provide information on asthma that supports the personalization of care and helps narrow the difficulty of navigating though the dynamic field of personalizing asthma treatment.